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Antandros provides backup and archival solutions to every level of needs with advanced technology. From big firms high volume to personal needs, long living and safe backup solutions are provided for every kind of data.

We immortalize your data

World is being shaped by data. Today almost every data is being backed up by mediums which inherits high failure rates. Harddrives have high malfunction rates, flash memories have corruption risk, cloud storage lacks trust and stability. If loosing data is not an option, Antandros immortalizes data with optical disks and cryptography.


Universe hates your data. Every service Antandros provides are always robustness on mind. Your data is trusted with most durable and modern technology.


Your data is in safe hands. Antandros protects the data being processed by modern and libre cryptographic methods and gives the control to the owner of the data; to you.


Antandros does not take your data hostage. Every service provided by Antandros uses libre software and technologies. Libre systems ensures your ability to acces your data freely.



zeroKelvin is a durable and long-life, low frequency backup and cold storage archive system. It provides reliable and effective solutions for long term data archiving with competative prices. In a wide spectrum from family pictures to corporate databases, keeping sensitive and valuable data for generations is possible with zeroKelvin.


subzeroKelvin is a economical backup and archival solution which secures low sensitivy data without sacrificing transport security over Internet. With subzeroKelvin data is delivered safely and gets archived. Depending on your preference Antandros keeps your backups or get it delivered to your doorstep.


zeroKelvin: Step by step

Why zeroKelvin?

Both zeroKelvin and subzeroKelvin are only depending on free software and open standards. In fact, every step of the process are transparent.



Your data is protected by libre and trusted cipher algoritms and softwares. Since the encryption key is given to your control anybody but you can reach your data.



Unlike traditional backup approaches, your data gets backed up on optical disks. In lack of moving parts and sensitive components, optical disks inherit a long storage life.


Physical security

Your data will be kept in bank vaults located in different locations in Turkey, which are specified depending on their geographical risk factors such as earthquakes. Along with the durability of optical discs, your data will be durable against natural disasters.



Antandros's backup technology is fully compliant with both GDPR (EU law) and local data protection codes. Your data is never out of your control and nobody including Antandros can access it.

Flexible for your needs


We have a solution for every need



Low requirements or high frequency backup

  • Optical disc archiving
  • Elliptic-curve GnuPG encryption
  • Same day restore*
  • Customization
  • Single location cold storage
  • Start using immediately
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High quality archiving solution for sensitive data owners

  • Optical disc archiving
  • 4096-bit GnuPG encryption
  • 24 hours restore*
  • Customization
  • Cold storage up to 4 locations
  • Start using in 3 business days
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Customizable archival solution, specialized for large businesses

  • Optical disc archiving
  • 4096-bit GnuPG encryption
  • 24 hours restore*
  • Unlimited customization
  • On-site service
  • Post-quantum cryptography**
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