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zeroKelvin utilizes off-the-self, easy to access technologies to creat a permenant digital archive solution. zeorKelvin’s purpose is to change permenant archival from an expensive service to affordable offer for everyone. For this purpose zerokelvin uses common hardware and libre software.

Antandros, receive the data you trusted with zeroKelvin whereever and however you choose to. This way you never have to send your data unsafely over the Internet.

Antandros encrypts your data with a key which stays with you at the moment of transfer. zeroKelvin uses Elliptic-Curve and RSA algorithms with long trusted libre software GnuPG. Your key gets generated by specialized hardware dedicated for this purpose and given to you on different record mediums. This ensures you as only person who has the key.

Since zeroKelvin will only handle encrypted data, you never have to worry about anyone including Antandros to obtain your data. From the point of receive to their final storage your data is being protected by modern cryptography and our operational security.

Your data is recorded on Blu-ray disks as the latest generation of optical disks. Unlike CD/DVD optical disks Blu-ray disks uses inorganic data layer instead of dyes. 350 nm blue lazer etches the data on the disk physically. This makes Blu-ray disks suitable for permenant digital storage and expected life messured by human life. Besides their robustness Blu-ray disks also build with a scratch resistant layer and also zeroKelvin’s special packaging protects the disks from the environment.

Your data are protected by not only physically but also with the error correction that we include every single disc. This ability gives the opportunity of restoring data by the error correction rate rom a damaged disc. That’s why another layer of protection will be added on top of a system that is ready for all environmental issues.

The durability of your data includes the archival documents, the paper that used and even the labels they are marked. The thermal labels we use which are produced by a firm that only produces archival grade labels, are not only durable against any kind of environmental issues, but also able to keep the information that holds for decades.

Although your data is encrypted, data loss may be a problem as much as data leak. Antandros keeps your disks in bank vaults that are located in different regions of Turkey and these regions have different risks. This strategy gives both security and stable storage environment. With the syncronized copies located in the safest cities of Turkey by natural disasters, total data loss is slightly impossible.

In the backup and restore processes of zeroKelvin, only free software are used. You can check out the source codes of these software via our GitHub repository. This is the insurance that you can restore your data whenever you want without any help from Antandros. The only things that you need are a Blu-ray driver and the power of wide-spread free software.

If you need further information about our services or compatibility opportunities depending on your needs, please contact with us.

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Low requirements or high frequency backup

  • Optical disc archiving
  • Elliptic-curve GnuPG encryption
  • Same day restore*
  • Customization
  • Single location cold storage
  • Start using immediately
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High quality archiving solution for sensitive data owners

  • Optical disc archiving
  • 4096-bit GnuPG encryption
  • 24 hours restore*
  • Customization
  • Cold storage up to 4 locations
  • Start using in 3 business days
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Customizable archival solution, specialized for large businesses

  • Optical disc archiving
  • 4096-bit GnuPG encryption
  • 24 hours restore*
  • Unlimited customization
  • On-site service
  • Post-quantum cryptography**
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